Get the tools you need to master your sacred sensitivity and be free from other people's energy and without losing your connections or ignoring the suffering of the world.

The Empath Mechanics Course is by far the MOST effective course for mastering your sacred sensitivity so you can help others and thrive.

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Our Connection as Empaths is Sacred

The beauty of being an empath is our ability to be so deeply connected to so many things: our emotions, the emotions of others, and the state of the world as a whole. The problem, of course, is that too much of the wrong kinds of connections leave your energy drained – like an outlet with too many things plugged into it. 

As an empath, this dynamic creates the struggle of wanting to be connected but also feeling so drained that you have to disconnect from those you love the most often. When you add that most empaths are taught not how to create healthy boundaries, but how to open more and be more connected to the energies of the world and spirits, you can get easily overwhelmed with the energy and spiritual connection, which leaves you drained, exhausted, and feeling lacking. 


Too much connection for an empath is just as toxic as not enough.

We were BORN to help people. It doesn't matter whether we were born to be amazing parents, to become teachers, healthcare workers, or to become spiritual practitioners, helping others is what we long to do more than just about anything.



Being sensitive and strong is the new norm.

So join the movement!

Be sensitive.

Be strong.

Clear your past and write your future.

I’m Reverend Erin-Ashley Kerti.

I am an empath.

And I know from experience working with hundreds of other empaths how to help them fully live their purpose, ditch overwhelm, and feel fulfilled.

At this point I’ve interviewed over 150 empaths in all walks of life, including:

  • The professional empath who is making a career out of her compassion, love and desire to heal.
  • The stagnant empath who feels isolated and like no one sees him.
  • The emerging empath who is starting to learn about herself and “get” that sensitivity can be a blessing.

I interviewed 92 sensitives in a month… and I didn’t die of the overwhelm disease.


I learned how to go to the grocery store with confidence and ease.

I taught others how to go to family gatherings without long protection rituals. (No, seriously, I can’t stand those.)

I tested the theories and techniques to see what was ACTUALLY effective.

I surveyed another 75+ empaths who had their energetic stuff together… and I saw the patterns.

Here's what can change for you...

You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin, feel confident in the grocery store, go to public gatherings and enjoy the festivities instead of feeling like everyone’s energy is attacking you.

You deserve to know exactly where you end and another person begins in your relationships, whether they are intimate, family or friend.

In order to really understand yourself as an empath, you’ll want to understand your physical self, your energetic self, your emotional self (OMG, we feel ALL the emotions) and your spiritual self.

They are all very important to happy, grounded living.

The *real* key is to learn your own mechanics – how you operate as an empath – and allow yourself to take charge.

I’ve organized it into an six-module Empath Mechanics Course, so you can dive deeply into yourself and know the amazing soul you are.

Each module will feature a video you watch on your own and at your own pace.

There will also be “deep dive” homework and meditations each module to help you gain mastery over your empathic gifts (yes, they are gifts, not curses.)

By the end of the course you’ll walk away with:

  • Fast strategies to easily release other people’s energy
  • A deep knowledge of yourself
  • Knowing how to be seen and loved by others
  • An understanding of your sensitive body
  • Confidence in the grocery store (you won’t dread it anymore)
  • An ease in navigating emotions you’ve only dreamed about (you may be sensitive, but it doesn’t mean you need days to recover from a biting comment or rude remark)
  • Comfort setting heart-centered boundaries with loved ones
  • ... and more!

How do you know if the Empath Mechanics Course is the right fit for you?

This course is great for an empath who:

  • Wants to be sensitive and strong
  • Is ready to experience sensitivity as a strength
  • Is willing to look deeply at old beliefs and habits and release what doesn’t serve
  • Wants to change the world, but feel too sensitive to make large strides
  • Wants to build confidence and understand themselves
  • Wants to practice releasing other people’s stuff and master their emotional energy

This course is not a good fit for empaths who:

  • Are attached to the idea that this is a curse rather than a blessing
  • Aren’t open to spiritual ideas or energy work
  • Wants to believe they are special, and the struggle is how they stay special (everyone of us is special, no one is more or less special than anyone else)
  • Would hurt themselves financially by investing in this course
  • Wants to manipulate others into doing what they want
  • Are attached to being a victim or want to prove that they are powerless

Lesson Plan

Module 1: Empath Nuts and Bolts

  • The physiology of the empath
  • Why you’re an empath – the spiritual reason (heart readers)
  • Five most common types of empaths

Module 2: Empath Energy Controls (how to steer your human)

  • Whose energy is it – identify + release what isn’t yours
  • Chakras – Overview
  • Chakras – How to control them
  • Aura – Overview
  • Aura – How to strengthen

Module 3: Empath Energy Clearing

  • Intention and inner power is key
  • How to Clear the Chakras
  • Sending energy through the roots
  • Sending energy through the crown
  • Shaking it off: Removing and releasing stubborn stagnant energy

Module 4: Empathing in Public

  • Chakra size review
  • Leaky Chakra Syndrome
  • Leaky Chakra Cure
  • Anchoring & finding the good (Spoiler, it’s an inside job)
  • The aftermath – sensory overload & self-care
  • Processing Emotional Energy

Module 5: Healthy Human Relationships

  • Why we’re attracted to the wounded
  • What true love is
  • Boundaries – Human
  • Boundaries – Energetic
  • Communicating as an empath

Module 6: How to Process Emotional Energy

  • Getting triggered – what it means
  • How to release Depression + Anxiety Attacks as an empath
  • How to quickly process the emotional energy
  • Forgiveness – why it’s non-negotiable for empaths



The meditations listed below use brainwave entrainment technology to help your brain relax and let go of thoughts, stresses, and brainwave states that are not conducive to your health and well-being. Some of these have no guided component - you just pop in your earbuds, close your eyes, and press play. Others, I was guided to make. This is a carefully curated list of the best meditations for empaths and highly sensitive folks.

  • 30-minute Stress Relief Meditation 
  • 15-minute Relaxation Meditation
  • 20-minute Process Stuff Meditation
  • 35-minute Anxiety Reduction Meditation
  • 60-minute Sleep Induction Meditation 
  • 40-minute Immune Support Meditation 
  • Schumann's Resonance Chakra Clearing Meditation
  • Connecting to Your Spirit Guides Meditation
  • Integrating Soul Lessons Meditation
  • Energy Clearing Meditation
  • Forgiveness Alchemy Meditation
  • Trusting the Universe to Guide You Meditation
  • White Light Love Meditation

I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t find value from this course, send me an email at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase date and I’ll refund your purchase.

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