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Hi, I’m Erin-Ashley!

The Pro Psychic Mechanics Online Course is all about helping people (including you) go PRO with their psychic and energy healing gifts.

The program includes 13 modules of training.

We start with the basics of energetic connection, chakra reading, journeying, energy clearing and getting messages.

Then we get into the nitty-gritty of creating contracts with the Big U, the guides and all that jazz.

And OF COURSE, we talk extensively about how to do actual LIVE psychic readings and energy healings.

Plus — super importantly — we focus on making sure you can do the work WITHOUT feeling like throwing up or hiding forever or dying of embarrassment because you maybe got one thing wrong once in your life.

I understand this work can be really scary to get started with. It's why I'm here to help!

This program helps you go pro with your psychic and energy healing gifts and can be a transformational experience.

But don't just take it from me.

Here's what a few recent graduates said about how the program changed their lives.

I don’t even feel like the same person. I never expected to do this work.
I use healing journeys for people.
It’s been amazing.
Not only do I have an unexpected career — I never expected to be doing this, not in a million years — but all of the things that made me uncomfortable spiritually and emotionally, it’s as if with every healing I do on people, I get healed a little bit more.
It’s just amazing.
Lisa Wolfe
I needed to build my self-confidence and to trust that what I could hear and sense and feel was right and to be able to step out there and start helping people.
I was going in a circle and having to battle with my ego, which was telling me all the time, “It’s probably not angels you’re hearing.”
I needed someone to drag me out of going in circles so I could putting my work out there.
Marie Ohnstad
My favorite part about [the program] was I took myself out of a place of self-denial.
There was a part of me that still viewed what I was doing as possibly not real or invalid or make-believe — or wondered how it could ever go from being a hobby to something that is more than a hobby and creates massive transformation in people’s lives in a positive way.
It’s been huge and healing on every level.
Beyond learning tons, it was a spiritual process.
It created all kinds of beautiful change in my life. It was really powerful.
— Metzli 

Let me tell you about how the program is structured.

We talk about how to talk to your Conduit Guide (and what a conduit guide is).

We do a Chakra Tour, where you learn how YOUR body-mind system perceives the chakras.

You learn how to get messages from the Spirit Guides.

You master the art of the journey and get to know the three realms.

These are the fundamentals. They are absolutely crucial for everything else, so we focus on them first.

I’m a big believer in not skipping the most important steps to try to get ahead.

We talk about communication and ethics. This includes what NOT to say to your clients.

(Hint: “You’re going to die” and “Your solar plexus is bad” aren’t optimal communication methods.)

Creating contracts with the Big U and the guides – this is bigger than you think.

Most of the annoyances with running a spiritual biz can be avoided by working WITH your guides.

(Did you know I have a marketing guide? His name is Mark. Yes, creativity is RAMPANT over on my spirit team.)

And finally, you learn how to have a chat with your Higher Self about – well, everything. Good, bad, ugly.

So this phase helps you start gathering all the pieces of the puzzle.

In Phase 2, we extensively cover how to use the technology and other resources you need to be successful.

It includes what systems to use, how to set them up, and more!

This can be a HUGE sticking place because it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options.

In this Phase, I outline the exact systems to use at this phase of your journey and give you click by click screen-captured tutorials!

I made video tutorials to teach you exactly how to set up these systems so you can hit the ground running and get your spiritual-based business up and running in record time.

Who wants to be stuck in the mud with technology when you could be doing the work you're here to do?

With my help, it won't be a problem for you!

Phase 3 is where the rubber meets the road.

Phase 3 is all about PRACTICE!!

I show you how to actually find folks to read for, do practice healing sessions on, and get helpful feedback.

Some graduates of this program said it was the most helpful part of the experience for them.

The live readings in the program were really the most important for me because it gave me confirmation that I knew what I was doing.

When I tried to use this capabilities in the past, sometimes it would be on and sometimes it would be off, and I came out of it feeling confused...

When I got the feedback [from doing the readings], I was just blown away that I was as accurate as I was.

Lisa Wolfe



That's what this is all about, right? Getting real clients and getting your first offer out?

In this Phase, you'll distill everything you've learned, find the right price for your services, release old limiting beliefs, craft your very first offer and launch your business into the world.

Imagine what it would feel like to put in the work and know that — just a couple months from now — you could have people who pay you to do your life's work.

It's an incredible feeling.

You feel recognized.

You feel transformed.

You feel like you're fully honoring and believing in yourself.

Take it from a couple of graduates of the training.

One thing I got — unexpectedly — out of this course was the journey of really honoring and believing wholeheartedly for the first time in myself and my abilities and my work.


With each piece, it was like a part of myself that I hadn’t recognized was being seen.


Does it sound like an experience you want to have?

On top of these four phases of the training, I'm including some super special bonuses to help you with this part of your journey.

  • A 30-minute consult with me ($250 value)

  • Reading +  Healing Vault that features supplemental training material. It includes various readings and healings I have done that I have permission to share, so you know EXACTLY what professional readings look like. It's an invaluable resource to help you see what really happens behind the scenes in a professional spiritual practice.

  • Website Workshop to show you how to quickly and painlessly set up a website for your offerings — and offer extra help if you need it. I know this part can be a big challenge for people just starting out, so I'm offering extra resources here to help!

  • Monthly LIVE Support Calls to answer your specific questions and support you on your journey! 

  • Exclusive FB Group to build community with like-minded healers and find people who see you as you do this work.

Here’s the module by module breakdown.

Phase 1: Foundations 

Module 1 — Spirit Guides & Conduit Guide Connection & Energetic Healing Guide Introduction

Module 2 — Getting Messages from the Guides & Journeying

Module 3 — Chakra Tour & How to Do a Energy Chakra Clearing

Module 4 — Ethics

Module 5 — Chatting with Your Higher Self

Module 6 — Creating Contracts with the Guides and Big U

Module 7 — Fear Conquering! How to Approach Readings with Ease and Confidence

Phase 2: Systems and Scripts

Module 8 — Setting Up Systems! Techy Time!

Phase 3: Practice 

Module 9 — How to Get Your Practice Readings / Sessions 

Module 10  — How to Get Testimonials As You Go

Module 11 — What's YOUR Magic? Demystifying your mystical gifts from your feedback

Phase 4: Go Pro - Getting Your First Paying Client 

Module 12  — Crafting Your First Offer

Module 13 — LAUNCHING! 


This program is designed to prepare you to use your psychic and energy healing gifts to help people (and earn a living in the process).

People from a number of different backgrounds and places in life have taken this course and come away from it with a new purpose, direction, and career.

I was a social worker before so clearly I care about social justice and the well-being of others. I know get to carry that on as a professional intuitive because we’re here to save the world. I love thinking about that every day.

— Metzli 

I had the reflection right back at me about what I was experiencing and how true it was. That was so powerful.


You can take your first steps to going pro with your psychic or shamanic gifts today.

If you’re feeling:

  • Worried that you might not really be psychic (or psychic enough)

  • Like the program is something you know you need to do but your ego is trying to talk you out of it

  • Energetically drawn to the program but unsure whether you want to practice professionally

... here’s what a few graduates had to say about taking their first steps to join the program so they could practice their intuitive gifts professionally.

The hesitancy that I had came when I received the email and I was like, “Psychic?”

That never really occurred to me.

But after Erin-Ashley and I had that [discovery] phone call, and especially when Erin-Ashley mentioned she would be doing the shamanic piece, it just clicked for me.

And after that, it was just clear that it was what I needed to do.

It was clearly the direction that the energy wanted to go for me.

I would recommend that you talk with Erin-Ashley [on a discovery call] because you can feel the resonance.

Just having that conversation will help to illuminate for yourself whether it feels right. That alone I would highly, highly recommend.


Listen to that little voice — and continue listening to that little voice.

Eventually what happens is that when you say yes to that little voice and take the course, you learn to really trust that little voice and that little voice takes you amazing places in your life that you never thought in your entire life that you would never be.

It’s the most beautiful blessing that just keeps growing exponentially.

I really loved [the program]. Every day of the whole journey from start to finish, I kept saying, “I am so glad that I made this happen and did it and completed it.”


My ego was telling me, “Why do you think this is going to make any difference? If you’re psychic, why do you need someone to tell you how to be psychic?”

I had all this stupid stuff going on [in my head].

I contacted Erin-Ashley on Facebook and I got a message back and I was like, “Okay, I’m doing it.”

Your heart is always going to tell you if it’s right for you right now. If you just tune in and focus right here on your heart, it’s going to tell you if you should do it.

I feel so grateful.

I felt so stuck and this program brought me forward to a place where I feel confident and love where I am right now.

I believe that a lot of people would benefit from this program and having Erin-Ashley as a mentor.

Marie Ohnstad

There was no rational reason for me joining because I had no intention of being a psychic. I got this urge to take the course but it didn’t make any sense with what I wanted to do.

Erin-Ashley got on the phone with me [on a discovery call].

That was when the energy was like shooting out of my fingertips and I started crying and I said, “Dang it! I’ve got to take this course! I don’t have any choice!”

Just listen to your heart. You will know whether it is for you or not.

With me it was unmistakable. I couldn’t not take it even though my logical mind was like, “Well this is all very well and good but how are you going to apply this?”

My entire spirit and entire body were saying, “YES!” It was just totally clear to me.

[And in the program,] when we did the healing, I walked into the healing room and my guides — who, by the way, I didn’t really believe in — were celebrating and telling me that I had come home and that this was what I was supposed to be doing.

Lisa Wolfe

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