Master Your Spiritual Gifts and Step Into Your Destiny

Dive deep into your spiritual gifts and master your psychic and energy healing gifts so that you can live in full alignment of body, mind, and spirit

Immersing yourself in a comprehensive spiritual training is the most effective way to learn how to master your spiritual gifts so that you will never miss an intuitive hit again

And a deep dive into metaphysics can be the most effective way to master your gifts and step into your destiny


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Get to Know Your Unique Spiritual Gifts

Everyone's spiritual gifts are unique and you deserve to cultivate a deep understanding of your own gifts so that you can trust yourself and the universe as you walk your path.

Dive Deep Into your Spiritual Journey

With the depth of the individual classes included in the Spiritual Mechanic Foundations Course, you can dive deep into your own spiritual and healing journey.

12 Courses in 1: Everything in One Spot!

Instead of needing to buy multiple courses on metaphysical subjects as you explore, you can get a comprehensive metaphysical education.

Immersing yourself in a comprehensive metaphysical training is the most effective way to not only unlock but also master your unique spiritual gifts… and when you are committed to bringing your gifts to help heal the world, your work becomes even more important and potent!

  • Learn the right things in the appropriate order so that you can unlock your spiritual potential

  • Get a complete metaphysical training

  • Heal deeply as you go  

  • Gain mastery with a proven system

  • Master the foundations to become a professional spiritual practitioner

Spiritual Mechanic Foundations Course

A comprehensive course on everything you need to know to be well-versed in spiritual concepts.

Everything That's Included with the Spiritual Mechanic Foundations Course

Your complete metaphysical training course includes 12 complete individual in-depth courses that you can take as you are guided to.


BASICS: 100 Level Courses

The 100 level courses are designed to be completed by beginners or those who want to refresh their basic understanding of psychic skills and spiritual concepts. You can do them with any skill level, and you can jump around as you please. You do NOT need to do all the 100 level courses before diving into the higher-level courses – each 200 and 300 level course has any prerequisites clearly outlined for you in the Course Catalog.



DEPTH: 200 Level Courses

These courses require at least some spiritual skills to complete. The focus here is to deepen your connection to Source, your guides, and yourself. Each course will have any prerequisites outlined so that you know exactly what you need to have completed to be ready for them.



INTEGRATION: 300 Level Courses

Once you understand the basics and have depth, it’s time to integrate everything into your daily life so that you can live in full alignment and in your power of the present moment. These courses require at least one 100 and one 200 level course in order to get the most out of them. Each course will have the pre-requisites outlined so that you know exactly what you need to know and will include an explanation of who can skip the pre-requisites.



MASTERY: 400 Level Courses

If you’re feeling the pull to use your spiritual gifts as a spiritual practitioner, these courses focus on everything you need to know prior to becoming a professional. These courses require at least one 100, one 200, and one 300 level course in order to get the most out of them. These courses are designed to prepare you for professional work using your spiritual gifts and cover what you need to know in order to have the skills to start a career in the spiritual arts.


Psychic 101 

Have you ever had a psychic experience that helped you make a difficult decision, or led you to the right person at the right time? This course teaches you to do that with an emphasis on finding your unique psychic style. It's designed to be comprehensive for a basic overview of how to develop the four primary intuitive modalities (psychic styles.)

Empath 101 

The Empath 101 class series to tackles the biggest questions many newly aware empaths have about being an Empath. This course covers how to figure out whose emotions you're experiencing, how to prevent other people's energy from negatively impacting your energy, how to set great energetic boundaries so you don't experience everyone's emotions PLUS your own (doesn't that sound nice?). 

Forgiveness 101 

The Forgiveness 101 course focuses on key themes regarding forgiveness and forgiveness work. Forgiveness is about healing the emotional, energetic, and psychological wounds from your past in a healthy way that honors both your human and spiritual self. You'll learn how to own your power, let go of resentments, and honor your true desires.

Integrating Parts of Self 201 

As you go on your spiritual and physical journey, there will be times different aspects of yourself vie for your attention. You are a complete self that includes the body-mind and all of its various aspects of personality. This course focuses on healing and working with the different aspects of who you are so that you can experience your own wholeness.

Psychic 201 

In the Psychic 201 course, you will learn important spiritual skills that build on the Psychic 101 course. You will learn the basics of the chakra system as well as how to scan your own 7 major chakras, how to interpret your dreams, how to talk with your guides, meeting your higher self, channeling, psychic protection, and other psychic skills. This will give you a broad range of skills to improve your spiritual connection and honor your unique path.

Guides and Helpers 201 

In this course, you’ll learn how to connect with various guides and helpers that are common. Some of this will be review if you completed the Psychic 202 course, but this course goes into much more depth and allows you to connect with many different types of guides and helpers in the non-physical.

Chakras and Auras 201 

In this comprehensive course, you’ll learn about your energy system. Each of the 7 major chakras plays an important role in your physical life. The chakras are energetic organs inside the physical body. This course will allow you to take a deep dive into your own energy system and learn to correct imbalances so that you can stay aligned.

Reincarnation 201

You have lived many times before. Past life work is meant to serve your current incarnation and can be used to support your own growth and healing.

In this course, you’ll learn how to explore your past lives in a way that honors and serves your current life.

Living As Spirit 301 

In the Living As Spirit Course, you’ll learn how to stay fully present as a human while deeply honoring your spiritual path. Learning to let go of stuck emotions, welcoming what is true for you (especially “unflattering” truths), releasing the sensation that other’s opinions are personal or about who you are, and more are covered. 

Energy Healing 301 

In this course, you’ll learn how to work with and heal your own energy. Most people who are called to this work, whether professionally or for personal benefit, go through an awakening or an initiation phase. Learning what that looks like as well as how to navigate it can be very helpful. You’ll learn the essentials to work with and heal your own energy and energetically call back discarded parts of self, as well as how to integrate the energy after you heal it.

Pro Psychic Prep 401 

If you feel a calling to use your psychic gifts to serve people, this course includes all of the foundational knowledge you need to do this work in an ethical, safe, and balanced way. You’ll learn how to give a high-quality reading as well as the important ethical considerations that come into play doing this work.

Pro Energy Healer Prep 401 

If you feel a calling to use your energy healing gifts to serve people, this course includes all of the foundational knowledge you need to do this work in an ethical, safe, and balanced way. You’ll learn how to give a high-quality energy healing as well as the important ethical considerations that come into play doing this work.

Courses that are Live

This course is being developed through March of 2020. Here are the topics you can dive into immediately!


Already Live: 

  • Psychic 101

  • Empath 101

  • Forgiveness 101

  • Reincarnation 201

  • Integrating Parts of Self 201


To be released as they are ready:

  • Psychic 201

  • Guides and Helpers 201

  • Chakra and Auras 201

  • Living As Spirit 301

  • Energy Healing 301

  • Professional Psychic Prep 401

  • Professional Energy Healer Prep 401


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When You Feel the Call, It's Time to Act

Your intuition is already calling you, and the sooner you learn to listen, honor, and integrate the more quickly you’ll align with your version of your best life
And here’s the rough truth, my friend, if you don’t take the time to do the deep healing you already feel called to do, your emotional and spiritual wounds won’t heal themselves – they’ll continue to sabotage your desires, relationships, and goals until you handle them.
Do you feel called? If so, join us.

"Erin-Ashley -- wow! I've been a Reiki Master for 5 years and have been giving healing sessions and tarot readings for that long. I've taken multiple courses/webinars/trainings over the last 8 years. I just started the Spiritual Mechanics Foundations Course -- Empath 101 -- and I have already learned so much that I've never heard before, never knew, and never was trained about -- wow! I absolutely made the right choice to purchase your program. I'm so stoked! I can't wait to share what I've learned with my husband -- he's an empath and suffers so much when out with other folks. The power poses are going to help him (and me) immensely. Just had to share how much I appreciate you and your training. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

Zanna Majerle
Founder at Psychic Zanna

"I consider myself both deeply spiritual and appropriately skeptical, so I have long appreciated Erin-Ashley's pragmatic approach to woo-woo topics, and she definitely delivered on that front. She basically laid out a step-by-step, clearly explained method for connecting with my spirit guides, which I didn't even know were a thing. But not only are spirit guides definitely a thing, they have become a vital part of my life—I even have a business now where I use my gift of clairaudience to bring healing messages through for others. I can honestly say that my life has transformed since learning to access and understand my psychic gifts. I've been empowered to make huge shifts with comfort and confidence, and I would recommend EA's course to anyone who wants to directly receive love and wisdom from the universe. "

Christina Bryza
Psychic, Writer, Editor, and Communications Professional

"Erin-Ashley Kerti is an exceptional and talented teacher in Spiritual Development. She conveys her knowledge in a fun and easy format that is always a pleasure. Each exercise works in an order that means that when you have succeeded in one, you can progress to the next. The practices are well grounded and skilled; not only have I discovered abilities that I had dormant, but I have been able to apply them to everyday life obtaining great benefits. I am very thankful for all the lessons taught in these classes and looking forward to many more."


"WOW! WOW!!! WOW!!!!!!! I just quickly skimmed through the course content like a kid tearing into Christmas presents, and my jaw dropped and my eyes popped out when I saw all I got! Thank you! "

Dawn Maxson

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